Oahu Tuna Fishing

Imagine your rod is bent nearly in half, your arms are burning, and you’ve got a few more lines with monsters on the end. Where are you? Oahu Tuna fishing! From Yellowfin to Bigeye, Oahu’s waters offer bountiful Tuna fishing. Mahea B uses time-honored techniques to help you get the best catch possible. When fishing for Tuna with Mahea B, you’ll be using live bait, which we have found to be the most effective way to catch up to 100 pound Tuna in North Shore waters. Don’t worry, we also have plenty of lures if you want to bring in a 100-300 pound fish. Check out our photo gallery to see what our baiting and fishing methods have yielded some of our past customers.

When game fishing, it is often necessary to wait long periods of time. Serious anglers will book multiple charters to spend the most time where Tuna congregate. Usually, you’ll see some Spinner Dolphins and sea birds in the area. Trust our crew to take you to the hot spots! Even on a half-day charter, our crew knows how to give you the best possibility of bringing home a catch you can be proud to show.

Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna are just two types of fish you can catch on your Oahu Tuna fishing charter. These fish are considered pelagic, meaning they swim within the top 330 feet of the ocean. These Tuna can be found all over the world. It can be difficult to distinguish between a Yellowfish and a Bigeye. Both have an iridescent dark blue back, grayish white underbelly, a shimmering blue strip on the flank, and yellow dorsal and anal fins. Yellowfin that have reached maturity have lengthy, brilliant yellow sickle fins.

In general, Bigeye are larger and deeper in color, and have bigger eyes than a Yellowfin. They have more fat content in their bodies, making them able to populate deeper water than some other Tuna. This fat makes them very popular in Japanese cuisine. Both Bigeye and Yellowfin Tuna are popular game fish wherever they are found. Anglers love the challenge and muscle burning fight for the catch and the delicious meal to be had afterwards!

Oahu Deep Sea Tuna Fishing

When Oahu Tuna fishing, you’ll notice that Tuna school with fish of equal size. The largest ones keep the company of dolphins, whales, sharks, and porpoises. Depending on which size Tuna you’re looking to catch, reports of other fish in the area will lead the way. Tuna eat many types of fish, squid, and crustaceans. On your charter, Mahea B will take you to the right depth, then help you set out the best lure, bait, or chum to reach your fishing goal.

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